American Made Woodturning Jigs & Tooling for Thread cutting, Open Segment, Basket Weave Illusion, Sphere cutting and more.

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EZ Sphere Jig w/ Carbide Cutter
by Mike Peace

EZ Basket Weave Illusion Jig
No more pencil lines! Burn a line with an

EZ Threading Combo Jig
by Roland Lavoie

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Negative Rake Carbide Cutter for Resin

Recent Customer Feedback

"Your device is far better than I expected my friend. I have been practicing with it these past few days to acquaint myself with it. The instructions both printed and the YouTube videos were very helpful. I will sit down and figure out how to make a sphere and then hollow and thread it."
John L. from Anchorage, Alaska

"I own 3 of your jigs (Thread, Sphere & Basket Weave) and I've been pleased and impressed with the quality of your products. Your jigs are priced very favorably in comparison to the most expensive models. Your jigs provide an excellent price and performance relationship."
Scott C. from Seattle, WA

"The EZ threading jig has tremendously improved the quality of my turned boxes. Intuitive and easy to use. Customer service is a refreshing bonus. Look forward to continued relationship with this conscientious, Veteran owned business!!
Dan Z. from Alstead, NH

Featured Products

Our Top Selling Woodturning Lathe Products

EZ Threading COMBO Jig - cut perfect threads in any type of wood consistently.  An optional Sphere cutter add-on is available.

EZ Sphere Jig - make a perfect sphere with our unique "over the top cutting" jig.  Easy setup and use is a key feature of our sphere jig and it's a combo jig so you can add a thread cutting add-on in the future if desired.

EZ Basket Weave Illusion Jig - see a 75% time savings using our basket weave illusion jig because it doesn't require the use of a pencil.  Our innovative design allows you to use a sled to burn perfectly strait lines.

EZ Segmenting Jig - quick glue-ups of pieces are achieved with this jig which mounts in the lathe tail-stock.

Solid Steel Index Wheels - made on a CNC machine so each of the 6 rows are perfectly spaced ensuring you end up with strait lines.  The outside row has 192 holes giving you the most flexibility for your designs.

Steel Cribbage Board Templates - many different designs all made on a CNC machine so things lined up perfectly when drilled.

Game Call Mandrels - solid steel construction with a rock solid grip on the duck call blank makes it fun and easy to make a game call.

All items above are Made in the USA in New Hampshire

Chefwarekits is a family owned business which is known for its unique, innovative and easy to use woodturning jigs.  We enjoy speaking with our customers please do give us a call to discuss your wood turning needs.

Team CherfwareKits

Why Buy From Us?

Experience - We have been selling our EZ Threading Jig and EZ Sphere Cutting Jig going on 8 years now.

Local - American made, supported and owned by a Veteran who served in OEF4.

Best Price - We make our jigs in our CNC shop in N.H. so we can offer direct pricing without a middle man mark up.

Innovation - We lead our industry in offering the most innovative jigs that are easy to setup and fun to use.

Core Values - We believe in Christian values at home and in how we run our business.

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