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EZ Ball Radius Jig (4in Max Ball Size) Supports all model lathes

SKU Code: 465-80-3304
Product Code: ball-jig
Price: $195.00

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EZ Ball Radius Jig (Supports all Lathes)   A Chefwarekits's Exclusive Offering !!!

The EZ Ball Radius Jig is making it Accurate, Affordable and Easy to Turn ball shaped items on a Woodworking Lathe

A new style wood ball cutting jig has been introduced to the wood turning community called the EZ Ball Radius Jig.  The unique design is a very easy way of cutting perfect shaped balls on a woodturning lathe.  Compared to other available jigs the EZ Ball Radius Cutting Jig is simple to setup, easy to use and cost much less. 

Key Features

  • Setup takes 5 minutes!  
  • No complicated calculations required simply tighten the HSS 20 degree bit and the require angle is automatically set
  • Banjo design supports all of your lathes 
  • Robust Heavy-Duty Dovetail Design 
  • Machined to be accurate and precise 
  • No fussing around with setup 
  • Quick removal for storage 
  • Very Affordable!


Here are a few YouTube Videos showing the EZ Ball Radius Jig being used

As Featured by Carl Jacobson of

Here is another Woodturner using the Ball Radius Jig



Step by Step EZ Ball Radius Cutting Instructions

Cutting a Perfect Wood Ball using the EZ Ball Radius Cutting Jig


Threaded Ball 
Created by Peter F. Hanover, Ontario, Canada


Step 1 - Set the correct height for the EZ Ball Radius Jig body.

a - Insert the jig's post into your lathe's banjo and insert a live center into your tailstock. (fig1)  
b - Slide the tailstock up to the tool so that the point hits scribed line on the jig then lock the post in your banjo. (fig 2)
c - Lock the height ring for repeat accurate positioning. (fig3)



Step 2 - Align the EZ Ball Radius Jig cutting tip.

a - Slide the banjo so the jig's cutting tip meets your tail stock's live center's tip. (fig1)
b - Square up the banjo with the lathe's rail.
c - Using a carpenter's square make sure the banjo is square with the lathe rails and make a few marks with an ink marker. (fig 2)


Step 3 - Using the EZ Ball Radius Jig to cut a perfect ball from a square wood blank.

With the EZ Ball Radius jig setup and ready to cut lets proceed in making a cut.

a - Install a wood blank into a lathe chuck.

b - Measure the diameter of the blank and then mark a center line on the wood.
c - Start the lathe at 1000 RPM.
d - Using a spindle gouge remove some of the outside corners and form a cove so that the jig's cutting tip can easily move from left to right.. Be careful not to remove the centre line.
e - As you swing the jig slowly from left to right slowly turn the jig's knurled  knob clockwise until cutting tip meets the wood.
f - Take small cuts until you have your desired shape.
g - Sand and finish.
h - Done

Note - The 20 degree HSS cutting bit of the EZ Ball Radius jig can be easily touched up on the side of a grinding wheel.  The 20 degree angle on the tip is not critical.  The precise angle required by the jig is automatically set when the bit is tighten in the jig.


As you can see it is easy to acheive excellent results


You can also adjust the cutter to produce other unique shapes, too!


Ron Ford on 11/07/2013
1 reviews

Quick setup time, easy to use and great results every time.

I've used this tool on several projects in a range of sizes and it worked well every time. The EZ Ball Radius jig is of my favorites, for sure!

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